SOFTS Holiday Closures

The SOFTS Schoolhouse will be closed on the following dates:

Thursday November 11th, 2021 for Veterans Day.

Daylight Saving Time Ending

Daylight Saving Time (DST) will be ending in the United States on Sunday, November 7th. All SOFTS course schedules are based on the Eastern time zone in the US. However, students should be aware of whether or not their specific location observes DST and how Daylight Saving Time ending may affect the time at which they join their class. If they have any questions, or are unable to continue participating in the course on its current schedule after DST ends, please encourage them to contact the Helpdesk. We will do our best to support each student to ensure they can continue receiving their language training. or 315-214-7311

vConnect version update

A new release (version 131) for the new vConnect v8 Virtual Classroom is available for download from the Helpdesk page,, under the Support Tools module. 

This new release has a number of new enhancements that should add more functionality and also improve overall performance.  A release document and some videos describing usage of the platform are available in the resource library here.

vConnect version update

We are currently rolling out a new version of our vConnect Virtual Classroom. Though the features and tools are all the same, the way in which you utilize them may be slightly different than before. To assist with this transition, there are a variety of videos available in the resource library that outline how to use different aspects of this updated Virtual Classroom.


For a complete breakdown of ‘how to’ utilize vConnect v8, please Click here. You can also type “v8” into the Search bar on the Resource Library Home page to find them at


As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the tools or resources available to you throughout your course, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at the Helpdesk.


SOFTS Helpdesk


SOFTS and CL-150 Update

Effective immediately, CL-150 is no longer available or accessible through SOFTS. 

Due to fiscal constraints and other compelling requirements, USSOCOM and the SOF Language Office did not renew the SOF enterprise license for CL150.  Therefore, the username and password you used previously with USSOCOM's license is no longer valid.

SOFTS Tutoring

Students interested in additional language practice can participate in tutoring outside of class hours in their regular classroom. To schedule a tutoring session you must coordinate directly with your instructor to schedule a time and your instructor will submit the request on SOFTS Online. All tutoring requests must be submitted at least 2 business days in advance. You will receive a confirmation email from the SOFTS Helpdesk if your tutoring session has been approved. 

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