Special Operations Forces Teletraining System

Online Language & Culture Training

What is SOFTS?

The Special Operations Forces Teletraining System is a program that takes advantage of proprietary and commercial off-the-shelf technology to deliver real-time language & culture training to students anywhere in the world, including those who are unable to attend traditional classes at traditional training institutions.

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Who Uses SOFTS?

Any Department of Defense uniformed or civilian person can apply. Classes will only be initiated for SOF personnel, but empty seats can be filled by other DOD personnel. Priority is given to SOF uniformed personnel. If you qualify, feel free to register now.

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In collaboration with the National Virtual Translation Center (NVTC), USSOCOM is now able to provide a common repository for commonly translated documents for the entire DoD community. The SOFTS library contains both source documents and the corresponding NVTC translations.

When do Courses Start?

SOF Command Language Program Managers (CLPMs) may propose a class. The CLPM must have at least two students ready to train, may propose the schedule and other details, and may be asked to pay for the instructor.

SOFTS Announcements

  • Thanksgiving Holiday

    The SOFTS Schoolhouse will be closed from Thursday November 26th through Sunday November 29th in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • SOFTS Tutoring

    Students interested in additional language practice can participate in up to 2 hours of tutoring per class per week outside of regular class hours in their classroom. To schedule a tutoring session, coordinate directly with your instructor to schedule a time. Tutoring requests must be submitted 2 business days in advance of your scheduled session.

  • Attending a USSOCOM CLPM Basic Course?

    The USSOCOM Command Language Program Manager's (CLPM) consolidated course will be held from 07-11 December 2015. This consolidated course will be held at the Davis Conference Center, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida.

    In order to register for the Command Language Program Managers' course, contact the following personnel:

    Maurice Pickett (maurice.pickett@socom.mil) and Joe Shakeenab (joeshakeenab@gmail.com).


  • Required SOFTS OPI Testing

    Attention SOFTS Students

    As you know, the SOFTS Joint Language School is managed by HQ USSOCOM, Special Operations Forces Language office (SOFLO) at MacDill AFB. The SOFLO now requires that all students take the Speaking Proficiency Test (SPT) for continuation in the SOFTS program.  This is not an official OPI but rather an end of course test to gage students' progress.


    The SPT is an oral test that is used to determine your current speaking capability in a target language. Proficiency is rated using the ILR scale. For more information about this scale, you can login to SOFTS Online and open the "ACTFL Guidelines" located in the External Links on the left side of the page.

    These SPTs however are not official and will not go on your record. The SOFLO requires that you take the SOFTS SPT as the final exam for your class and it will also help in the future to ensure that each of you get placed into the appropriate class based on your actual proficiency level. Being placed in the right class will benefit your learning experience and place you in class with others at a similar level.

    If you are scheduled for an official Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) through your component for the same language that you are taking with SOFTS, you do not have to take the SOFTS OPI. But you will need to provide your official results (i.e. DA-330) to SOFLO to continue your SOFTS training.

    If you are scheduled for a DLPT, you will still need to take the SOFTS OPI. SOFTS class content focuses primarily on speaking and since the OPI helps to determine what your current speaking proficiency is, those scores are required to ensure appropriate class placement. If you do take a DLPT also, please input those scores during the registration process as they will be taken into account during class placement.

    For most languages, you will have the opportunity to take an OPIc (Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer) and you will able to do so online. For languages where the OPIc is not available, we will work with you to schedule a day and time with an OPI tester. In most cases, we will plan to add an extra session into the class schedule so that you can take your OPIc during the class time. If it is an OPI, in most cases these need to be scheduled between 0900-1800ET, but we will work with you to coordinate a time that works for you and with the availability of the tester.

    Testing will begin with classes that are ending on March 3, 2014 and we will reach out to you soon to begin coordinating a test schedule.

    If you have any questions, please contact the SOFLO at soflanguageoffice@socom.mil or the SOFTS Helpdesk at helpdesk@pecinc.com anytime.

  • Welcome to SOFTS Online

    SOFTS courses are starting all the time, if interested contact us and we will help you coordinate.

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